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A philosophical period piece that challenges the construct of time 

Written by J.B. Priestley




March 9-13, 2011


Marymount Manhattan, New York City



Mrs. Conway – Brooke Fiss (’12)


Kay Conway – Katerina Madson (’12)


Robin Conway – James Cusati-Moyer (’11)


Madge Conway – Kayla Wickes (’11)


Alan Conway – Austin Ruffer (’12)


Carol Conway – Danny Brown (’13)


Hazel Conway – Jasmine Mahboob (’11)


Ernest Beevers  – Jordan Westfall (’12)


Gerald Thornton – Adam Weppler (’12)


Joan Helford – Arianna Knox (’12)





Director – Kevin Connell

Prod. Stage Manager - Adam Steinbauer

Voice & Dialects – Barbara Adrian


Scenic Design – Sofia Palacios Blanca


Costume Design – Elise M. Vanderkley


Sound Design – Meghan Rose Murphy


Lighting Design – Matthew McCarthy





Time and the Conways is the second of J.B. Priestley’s Time Plays—six plays (the first being Dangerous Corner) dealing with different theories of time, and how time is experienced. This play focuses on the Conways, a wealthy family living in a prosperous suburb of the fictitious manufacturing town Newlingham, and their declining fortunes between 1919 and 1937. The first act takes place during Kay Conway’s twenty-first birthday in 1919.


The second act jumps ahead twenty years to the present when the play was written—1937. Most of the Conways have scattered from Newlingham and fallen out of touch with one another, but they are reconvening (coincidentally on Kay’s fortieth birthday) to discuss Mrs. Conway’s finances, which have significantly deteriorated to the point of near bankruptcy. Everyone is disillusioned with their lives, where they ended up, and this point is driven home with Act III, which returns to that birthday party in 1919. We see the Conways interacting with the family friends that will end up being their spouses, and expressing their desires for the future—all of which, we know from the second act, will not come to pass. [via Francis Bass]

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