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An uproarious prequel to Peter Pan, based on the book by Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson

Adapted for the stage by Rick Elice


Music by Wayne Barker




July 14 – 24, 2016


Bristol Valley Theatre, Naples, NY



Boy/Peter Pan – Michael Dewar 


Molly Aster – Michaela Jose


Blackstache – Chris J. Handley


Smee – Jordan Westfall


Lord Aster – Matthew Krob


Mrs. Bumbrake – Steven Smith


Prentiss – Michael Radi


Ted – Brian Ziemann


Alf – Marlin Slack


Captain Scott – K. Cody Hunt


Teacher – Neil Brown 


Fighting Prawn – Ej Cantu





Director – Karin Bowerstock


Music Director – C. Colby Sachs


Scenic Design – Tim McMath


Lighting Design – Justin Partier


Costume Design – Danielle Preston


Sound Design – Rich Miller





It is 1885 during the reign of Queen Victoria and two ships from the British Empire set sail on the high seas for the imaginary kingdom of Rundoon.

On one ship, The Neverland, three orphan boys encounter a smart and witty girl named Molly Aster, the daughter of an English lord and minister to the queen. Also on board is a trunk full of precious starstuff that Molly has promised to protect. One of the orphans, known only as Boy, is bitter and unpleasant. Once he meets Molly, his lonely and miserable world is turned upside down…and the adventures have only begun! What becomes of Molly, Peter, and the other lost boys? Why is everyone after the starstuff and what does it do? Does anyone — or anything — ever stop Black Stache and the pirates? Discover more than ever about these classic characters you thought you knew.

[via Utah Shakespeare Festival]

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